iROfficeMD is an end-to-end remote care solution which delivers pre-COVID revenue levels for practices, leveraging their efficient workflows, employee training, correct CPT codes and easy to use technology. The solution works seamlessly with your existing infrastructure namely staff, EMR and telemedicine technology.

Generate Reimbursement $$$ While Doing the Right Thing

In a COVID-9 environment, where hospitals are flooded and independent physicians’ offices are empty, iROfficeMD allows providers to support the National Healthcare imperatives by protecting staff, maintaining continuity of care and keeping in touch with patients while reducing 911 calls, hospitalizations and emergency room load.

The iROfficeMD Solution Provides

  • Free Reimbursement Assessment
  • Optimized Scheduling
    Works with limited to no front staff
  • Visual Telemedicine
    Provider is quarantined and offers safe encounters
  • Supports multiple touchpoints with patients
  • Flexibility to meet your current office processes
  • Providers monitoring of remote staff
  • Maximized Revenues
    Delivering Higher Revenue Reimbursement During Covid 19 Crisis
  • Utilizes existing systems and telephone numbers, fax numbers and EMR
  • Supports social distancing of staff and patients
  • Complete Solutions for remote office
  • Enables Practices to easily migrate to remote clinic/physician office environment within days

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Why iROfficeMD?

Remote offices keep staff and providers healthy while supporting social distancing imperatives and offering safe encounters to manage patient anxiety. The solution works with limited to no front staff and regular computers, iPads, cell phones, and smartphones. Remote offices help manage the surge at hospitals and emergency rooms and offer continuity of care for patients with limited capabilities.

Revenue Opportunity

How it Works

  1. A patient calls practice as they always do, and the call is dynamically routed to the virtual call center. A patient can choose their preferred mode of communication (call, text, email, voicemail, fax, etc.) for correspondence with Doctors. The Virtual front-desk staff (that resides in the cloud!) accesses the various digital communication method used by different groups of patients to parse through appointments/correspondence requests.
  2. The virtual front-desk staff sets an appointment with the requested doctor with the help of an Appointment Scheduler. Appointments scheduler is integrated with Gmail or EMRs’ calendars.
  3. With Google Calendar, you can automatically launch the tele-med solution
  4. Once the appointment is booked, the providers are promptly notified by their Virtual front-desk staff via their preferred method of notification (e.g.: voice, text, email, chat, video, bots, etc.)
  5. At the time of the appointment, the Doctor has to launch the Tele-med solution and initiate their diagnosis/correspondence and enter their notes into the EMR systems.

What's Included

  • Virtual Telecommunication Center
  • Scheduling and Integration
  • Voice Services
  • Voice Mail Transcription and Digital Playback
  • Text Messaging
  • Fax Mailbox and Transmission
  • TeleMed Integration
  • Virtual Walk-In Patient
  • Opportunity to address new patients virtually
  • Setup screening appointment via IROfficeMD
  • Capture new patients through other means — Link Healthgrades, Social Media Platforms, Patient Outreach through multiple media, Integration with existing phone system

iROfficeMD Solution - Add-ons

  • 24/7 tech-support for IT Systems
  • Virus-protection
  • Individual user-profiles on local laptop for each employee. This will ensure that PHI is separated from their personal data
  • Button on your website for text/call/email directly
  • After-hours reception desk available
  • Security compliance programs
  • Best-practices for virtual employee workstations
  • Physical IP-phones available
  • User-group identification and online ticketing system


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